The Caribbean is known as one of the best places in the world to vacation because of its great weather, beaches, and culture.  However, over the years this region has also become one of the most desirable places to live and own property in.

One of the biggest factors that draws people to living in the Caribbean is the weather.  The islands are not unbearably hot, and the climate is considered by many to be as near perfect as possible.  Throughout the year, you can expect the temperature to vary only slightly, and in both winter and summer it rarely drops below 28 degrees Celsius, or 82 degrees Fahrenheit.  And if you’re worried about humidity, don’t be.  If there is any, it is usually suppressed by cooling trade winds; while heavy rainfall is often followed by bright sun.

A very unique aspect of the Caribbean is its culture.  When Caribbean Islanders arrived a hundred years ago, they brought with them many traditional, foods, art, music, and dance.  While walking the streets, Reggae music can be heard from beachside bars and Calypso music can be heard almost nightly.  Another one of the main cultural standouts of the Caribbean is the carnival.  All of the islands hold carnivals yearly, with Trinidad being considered the most famous.  There are also strong traditions in certain sports, with horse racing and cricket being two of the most popular.  Those who live in the Caribbean are very proud of their culture, and are more than happy to offer it to anyone who’d like to live among them.

Living in the Caribbean also offers an extremely unique and desirable lifestyle.  Upon arriving, you’ll notice that there is a very laid-back ‘no rush’ attitude that can be felt throughout the islands.  You will also find that there is a great array of activities available, especially for sports lovers.  Days can be spent scuba diving, watching and playing cricket, windsurfing, and fishing or golfing.  Once settled in, you’ll learn that because it is less established among tourists and investors, the cost of living is very reasonable.

With warm sunny weather, a unique culture, stunning beaches and more, there are many great reasons to live in the Caribbean.  To learn more, please contact the professionals at Personette Group today.