The city of Houston is currently in the midst of a high-rise boom. Houston’s mayor, Annise Parker, recently stated that there are at least four high-rise projects under construction or in the planning for downtown Houston.  She also said that there are around 100 projects in the works across the city of Houston with a total of $7.5 billion in investments.

In 2013, Houston was ranked third in Texas in terms of economic growth.  In June of last year, Houston had already logged $4.8 billion in new construction, which was an 8% increase over 2012.  The city’s largest projects were mainly based around healthcare and housing.  This includes the $72 million MD Anderson Pavilion, which began in May 2013 and the $45 million Hanover Post Oak rental high rise that began in April of 2013.  With all this new development, the city’s new promotional slogan is, “Houston: The City With No Limits.”

Uptown Park, a European-style shopping center located on Post Oak Boulevard, is scheduled to receive a $1.2 billion transformation into a denser urban development that could include many high-rise residential towers, a hotel, office buildings, and more retail space.  The president of the Uptown Houston District, John Breeding, has said that all of the one-story retail buildings and small apartment complexes will be torn down and replaced with high-rise developments that will make maximum use of the underlying land.  In 2013, two office towers opened up in Uptown, and more office space is currently under construction along with several high-rise residential towers.  The Uptown area has over 23 million square feet of office space, 7,000 hotel room, 1,000 stores, and is bigger than the downtowns in many cities in America.

There is no doubt that Houston is experiencing a boom in its economy.  As a result, there have been several high-rise buildings constructed, with more planned for the future.  The city ranked #3 in economic growth in 2013, and they hope to be high on the list again this year.



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