The Houston METRO comprehensive light rail plan will play a crucial role bringing life to the city.  It will provide smarter, more energy-efficient ways of transportation in the form of five new rail lines.  There are many ways in which the METRO rail will benefit Houston, and its residents.

Saves Money

The American Public Transportation Association recently released “The Transit Savings Report”, which stated that public transportation users can save an average of $764 per month, or about $9,167 annually.  This alone is a great reason to take advantage of the Houston METRO Rail.


Protects the Environment

Did you know that cars account for roughly 50 percent of air pollution nationwide?  Public transit vehicles emit fewer pollutants than single-passenger cars.  In addition, public transportation helps reduce dependence on foreign oil, which also reduces the use of auto fuel by 1.5 billion gallons annually.


Improves Livability

One way that public transportation improves livability is by enabling people to travel conveniently without using a car.  Public transportation also creates corridors that become focal points for social activities.  These activities help create strong neighborhood centers that are not only more economically stable, but also safe and productive.


Increases Property Value

Studies have shown that properties located near public transportation systems have greater increases in value than those that don’t.  A report that was recently released by the Transit Coalition, “Dollars & Sense: The Economic Cast for Public Transportation in America,” said that every dollar taxpayers invest in public transportation generates $6 or more in economic returns.


Helps Communities

Americans that live in areas with public transportation save around 646 million hours in travel time and 398 million gallons of fuel annually, just through reduced traffic congestion.  Without public transportation, congestion costs would have amounted to an additional $13.7 billion.


The Houston METRO rail will provide great new opportunities for residents and businesses alike.  It will also help to reduce traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse emissions and improve the quality of air.