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3200 Mid LaneProject Type   7 Patio Homes
Location   3200 Mid Lane, Inside the Loop
Audley PlaceProject Type   16 Luxury Townhomes
Location   3302 Audley
EmpireProject Type   71 lofts and flats
Location   3032 Post Oak Boulevard in the Galleria area
Maison FontaineProject Type   15 Luxury Townhomes
Location   4031 Bellefontaine
Mayfair GalleriaProject Type   12 Luxury Townhomes
Location   5405A Hidalgo
Mid Lane SquareProject Type   16 townhomes
Location   Mid Lane, Between Westheimer and San Felipe
South PointProject Type   87 Townhomes
Location   3001 Murwurth Street
The GothamProject Type   lofts
The ManhattanProject Type   lofts
Location   Uptown, minutes from Downtown
The MetropolisProject Type   lofts
Wroxton SquareProject Type   four single-family homes

Dallas/Fort Worth

The MontaneProject Type   30 mid-rise homes
Location   2848 Woodside Street in the Uptown area