Edith Personette

Edith Personette

Co-Owner & Chairman Emeritus

As Chairman Emeritus, Personette Group Founder Edith Personette provides a wealth of historical knowledge and insight into the Houston high-rise category to the leadership team. While taking some time to enjoy the retirement she so richly earned, she continues to network with colleagues in the industry and has an active interest in Houston’s ever-changing landscape. Anyone who knows Edith would understand her continued involvement after over 30 years of leading the Personette Group (formerly Personette & Associates), which she founded exclusively for the marketing of high-rise, loft, town home developments and garden condominiums.

Edith’s real estate marketing background began with a prominent Houston advertising agency, where she rapidly gained recognition for her expertise in the marketing of residential condominium and townhome properties throughout Texas. In addition to her strategic direction of cutting-edge advertising and public relations campaigns, she developed training programs for on-site agents, Realtor programs, and innovative promotions, all of which contributed to the successful entrée of high rise residential homes to Houston.

In 1986, she redirected this wealth of knowledge and experiences at Centeq, the real estate company she founded which is now credited with turning around Houston’s then depressed residential high-rise market. Through creativity and persistence, she helped increase annual market demand for high-rise residences by more than 2,550 percent from $6 million to $153 million. Centeq Realty grew rapidly on the heels of this remarkable success. In 1995, Centeq expanded into the single-family real estate market and became Morgan Personette Properties. When Heritage Texas Properties acquired the single family division of Morgan Personette in mid-2000, Edith returned to her passion for marketing high-rise, lofts, garden condominiums and townhome developments by establishing Personette & Associates.

Edith received her real estate license from the Texas Real Estate Commission in 1985 and is a member of the Houston Association of Realtors. She has also been Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics at Houston Baptist University and a guest-marketing lecturer at Texas A&M University. In addition, her works have been published in ADWEEK, Salesman’s Opportunity, the Houston Business Journal, and Houston Chronicle.

Personette served as a member of The Land Committee for  the prestigious Houston Parks Board, and as both a board member of the Ronald McDonald House and as past president of the Friends of the Ronald McDonald House. She remains active with Ronald McDonald House.  She has also served as chairman of the Baylor 10 Steering Committee, a support group for Baylor College of Medicine fundraising. She is a founding member of Baylor’s Partnership. Personette supports Methodist Hospital, Parks,  and the American Heart Association Guild. She has been recognized twice in Who’s Who in American Women and was honored by the Houston YWCA as a “Woman of Achievement” for her Real Estate accomplishments.